The Arts & Dinner Club

ThinkBand2GREAT CONVERSATION lies at the heart of every robust society. And great metropolises are defined not just by their skyscrapers and civic amenities but also by the intellectual and cultural life they nurture. Their theatres and their museums. Their studios and their restaurants. Their clubs and their engagements.

Keeping this in mind, the team that created the iconic THiNK now presents an exciting and original idea: PrufrockThe Arts & Dinner Club, a private members’ club, designed to be a unique cultural and intellectual hub. With a carefully curated, by-invitation-only membership, Prufrock, is located in the heart of South Delhi – the M Block Market of Greater Kailash II – in a space that spans three floors, each with a distinct mood, all built on a value for ideas.

The club will be a vibrant cultural space, where a highly accomplished, eclectic community of select urban Indians can meet and engage regularly, in an atmosphere of great intimacy with eminent people who make and shape the world. All this over fine drinks and exquisite cuisines created by a celebrity chef.